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Player of the Year


The following table displays the Top 20 Players based on the total matches played to date.


NameGolfClubNamePlayedWonHalvedLostGame PointsHoles Up
Sargeant, JoeGerrards Cross5401823
Paul, TaylorStoke Park3300624
Restall, DanielHarewood Downs3300614
Biggs-Michaelides, MaxHarewood Downs3300613
Lewis, StanleyChartridge Park4301613
Bowers,GeorginaStoke Park2200420
Butler, JamesBeaconsfield2200416
Purvey, SamHarewood Downs2200413
Lord, DanGerrards Cross2200412
Reid, GeorgeGerrards Cross220048
Beaumont, MarcusHarewood Downs220048
McFadden, BenStoke Park220048
Evans, TomBeaconsfield220044
Brown, CharlieTemple420244
Barton, MattChartridge Park420242
Marsh, ScottGerrards Cross520347
Carrington, SamHarewood Downs211034
McLintock, ToddTemple511332
Gray, HarryTemple51133-1
Mullarkey, ElliotBeaconsfield110027